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International Visiting Professors

In order to bring the most advanced medical knowledge and clinical skills to the local community, since 1988 the SGH developed its popular International Visiting Professor Program (IVP).Under this program, Saudi German Hospitals invite and contract with globally recognized and leading physicians and surgeons, especially from the Tier 1 Western Countries, including but not limited to United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. The Saudi German Hospitals have successfully carried out the IVP Program for the last more than 30 years. The Visiting Consultants are selected based on the patient and community needs. The visit is for one to two weeks at a time in various branches of SGH depending on the patient schedule. The SGH full-time resident doctors support the Visiting Consultants throughout the visit and ensure complete care is given to the patients before and after the visit and surgeries when conducted.
This has enabled Saudi German Hospitals to introduce in the region new treatments such as transplant surgery, epilepsy, scoliosis and brachial plexus surgery and other minimally invasive treatments. During their visits, the professors participate with Saudi German Hospitals’ own consultants in the medical and surgical treatment of patients, and provide formal training to Saudi German Hospitals’ staff. The visiting professors also conduct weekly public lectures and symposia on healthcare topics. These professors being in the latest Medical know-how help continuous upgrading of SGH facilities and staff