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The recommendations of the first emergency medicine conference to benefit from international expertise – 1 Augest 2016

Training of Egyptian calibers and utilizing global medical experiences are among recommendations of the first ER conference

Hablas: We are fully committed to the Prime Minister’s decision to treat emergency cases for 48 hours free of charge

A significant number of Egyptian and international experts participated in the first annual ER conference held at Saudi German Hospital in Cairo under the title “news and communications in Emergency medicine”, focusing on the importance of the collaboration between the governmental, private and the media to highlight the importance of emerging medicine and its development, providing employees with the latest techniques and updates.

The methods of experience-sharing and the ways of communication between institutions were discussed, to ensure ER’s goals which are related to saving lives. The conference was hosted by Saudi German Hospital – Cairo with the presence of Egyptian and international ER experts, and health care providers including governmental and other private Entities.

Dr. Samy Shehata, ER consultant in Dallas -Texas and in Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Dr. Khaled Zaghloul, spinal cord surgery consultant in Colorado university, Dr. Hussien Sabry, the head of Egyptian fellowship for ER, Dr. Gamal Abbas, the president of the Egyptian Resuscitation Council, Dr. Hany Morro, the head of ER department in Dar Al Fouad hospital and SGH emergency team: Dr. Sherif Al Fayomi, the head of emergency department, Dr. Atef Nasr, ER consultant , Dr. Mohamed Moustafa , Neurology consultant and Dr. Hatem Sabry Neurological surgery consultant are attending the conference.

Dr. Mohamed Hablas, the Executive Director of the Saudi German Hospital, said: “The event is considered as major part in Saudi German hospital CSR strategy which includes a series of awareness seminars, tackling various medical topics targeting all Egyptians to increase their awareness”, confirming that the work strategy of the Group is to save patient’s lives as the former prime minister’s decided to treat the emergency cases within 48 hours free of charge.

Dr. Atef Nasr, Emergency Medicine consultant, assured the efforts exerted by the Saudi German hospital to hold this conference in Cairo, emphasizing the importance of finding a suitable specialized system for Emergency, which can be chosen from one of the systems applied all over the world to benefit from the international experience, and this would be more convenient than wasting time, effort & money to work on establishing new systems.

Also, Dr. Hany Morro honored the event and the hospital, assuring the importance of such events concerning the emergency medical field to highlight the latest updates.



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