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Summer Allergies, Types, Causes, and Treatments

What is Summer Allergy?
Causes of Summer Allergies
Symptoms of Summer Allergies
Summer Allergies’ Diagnosis
Summer Allergies Tips and Treatments


What is Summer Allergy?
Summer allergy is simply considered an unusual reaction of the human body towards normal substances that cause no harm to other people. Summer allergies occur when the immune system of the patient responds to certain materials or substances that are present in the surrounding circumferences during the summer season.

While no harms to be mentioned happen to other people from these materials, patients with summer allergies would significantly suffer from specific symptoms and several complications.
An allergy is considered some sort of a mistake or a wrong reaction of the immune system as it thinks that there is a risk approaching the body and begins responding accordingly, while in fact there are no harms at all. It is when the body receives a fake warning and continues reacting as if there are dangers affecting the body.
During the summer, when allergic patients get in contact with these substances causing allergy, the antibodies released by the immune system begin reacting. They start producing certain substances that cause the swelling of the skin or other organs and this makes the patients feel quite irritated.
Although many people think that allergies are more common to happen during the spring season, the causes of allergies are also present during the summer. The reactions of the body sometimes are even severer during the summer.

Causes of Summer Allergies
Pollens are among the most important causes of summer allergies. With their tiny sizes, they would enter inside the nasal passages of patients and cause allergy. The immune system of patients consider them strange bodies that require protective measures and begins producing antibodies to deal with them.
All these reactions result in the release of Histamine inside the blood of the patient. This substance is the main cause of the symptoms of summer allergies including runny nose and the burning in the eyes.

Stinging Insects
Insects that sting the human skin are among the causes of summer allergies and can cause dangerous allergenic reactions that might be as simple as skin rash and as severe as to represent a serious threat to the person infected.
Insects’ stings are far less common to occur. However, they are much more risky than any other causes of summer allergies. According to statistics of international health organizations, there are people who pass away due to their bodies’ reactions because of stings every year.
There are a number of insects that their stings would cause summer allergies. These include wasps, different types of hornets, and bees, as they become more active during the summer season and their stings might cause some risky complications.

Pollution and Ozone Gas
Air pollution and the increase of the ozone gas are among the causes of summer allergies. When ozone is mixed with the strong rays of the sun, together with nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon from the factories waste, this causes the emerging of ozone clouds that are called black clouds in many cities around the world. This is considered among the most important reasons that summer allergies are severer in the cases of many patients.

Poison ivy
Although it is not a common cause of summer allergies, poison ivy might be one of the risks that would trigger summer allergies in the cases of several patients. Some people are sensitive to poison ivy and other similar plants. This type of summer allergy usually occurs to the people who spend much time in the woods under the direct sunrays of the sun.

Summer fruits
Patients who suffer from food allergies are surely exposed to the risks of allergy when they eat some summer fruits. People with allergies against certain pollen, which is present inside fruits like watermelons, apples, and celery, would suffer from summer allergies if they eat these fruits.

Symptoms of Summer Allergies
Although the reactions of the body differ from one person to the other. There are some common symptoms of summer allergies. These include runny nose, tears in the eyes, itching, sneezing, and skin rashes.
The symptoms of summer allergies caused due to air pollutions would include, problems in breathing, coughing, and it would also trigger the symptoms of Asthma.
Summer allergies due to insects’ stings would usually cause mild symptoms that include itching, mild skin rashes, and some swelling in the areas stung. However, in some cases, the complications might turn into serious conditions like the inflammation of the throat. This requires immediate medical interventions.

Summer Allergies’ Diagnosis
When patients suffer from the symptoms of summer allergies for a long period of time, they should consult a doctor. This is to control the symptoms of summer allergies and to avoid any severe complications that might occur. The most important factor in the diagnosis of summer allergies is to recognize the main reason behind the occurrence of the allergy.
This can be carried out by a medical test that is implemented on a part of the skin of the arm. Doctors expose small parts of the skin of the patients to some of the most common causes of allergy, one by one. If the skin swells or it changes its color, this is probably the reason behind the allergy. There is also a blood test that some doctors use to recognize the causes of allergy in the cases of some patients.

Summer Allergies Tips and Treatments
The most important thing to do, in the cases of patients who know that they suffer from summer allergies, is to know the real trigger of allergy inside their bodies, in order to avoid them.
On the other hand, many advices and medications would considerably improve the conditions of patients who suffer from summer allergies. There are many preventive measures that patients should put into consideration in order to reduce the risks of the occurrence of summer allergies.

Recognize your Allergy
It is much easier to fight summer allergies when patients clearly recognize their causes. Some simple medical tests would be extremely beneficial to understand the substances that the body considers harmful and start reacting accordingly.
If the patient finds out that he suffers from pollen allergy, for instance, he should remain in the indoors during the days that witness the highest levels of pollen. The usage of harmless pesticide to avoid stinging insects is also a great solution.

Although Montelukas was mainly created to cure asthma, it is now one of the most popular treatments of summer allergies. Montelukas has a great effect in reducing the reactions of the body against pollen by stopping the function of leukotrienes that the body normally produce as a protective measure against pollen.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
A group of fruits, vegetables, and herbs has a wonderful impact on the conditions of patients who suffer from summer allergies. For example, tea, grapes, and tomatoes contain certain natural chemicals that prevent histamine from having an effect on the body and consequently prevent the inflammation of the body organs infected by summer allergies. There are also medications that act against the reactions of histamine including several creams, pills, eye drops, and nasal sprays.

Proper Eye Drops
If the eyes get irritated due to the impact of summer allergies, eye drops might be the most perfect solution. These eye drops would stop the symptoms of summer allergies including the itching, pain, or any problems in eyesight.

Clear the Nasal Passages
During the summer season, the nasal passages that receive oxygen for the whole body are sometimes polluted with pollen, dust, and many other harmful materials that cause allergies. The usage of a saline solution that are commonly sold in pharmacies all over the world has magical effects in cleaning the nasal passageways.
Patients should inhale the solution in one nasal opening, and then the other one, two or three times a day. This would have a great effect reducing the occurrence and the symptoms of summer allergies.

Keep your House Clean and Protected
Patients who know that they suffer from summer allergies should always be cautious during this season by keeping their homes clean and protected against the triggers of summer allergies.
They should keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible, especially during early mornings, in order to prevent the pollen and dust from entering the house. It is always advisable as well to clean the air-conditions’ filters to prevent any harmful substances from entering the house. The house should be cleaned by electric hoover at least twice a week.

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