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Scientific symposium on breast cancer awareness in SGH – 25 October 2017

In occasion of “world breast cancer day”, SGH organized scientific seminar on the risks of breast cancer, and the latest medical technologies and equipment used for the first time in Egypt, Africa and Middle East to detect the disease.

The Department of Radiology at the Saudi German Hospital claimed that a percentage of 25% to 30% of breast tumors are first detected by the patient herself.

Dr. Naglaa Abdel Fattah claimed that: “the last statistics showed that breast cancer is threating about 10 million Egyptians, as breast cancer represents 30% of the tumors can threat women. The Saudi-German Hospital earlier held scientific symposiums on the risks of breast cancer and the latest used equipment and technologies used in their premises in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa for the first time for cancer early detection attended by a group of oncologists and diagnostic radiology professors in Egypt. One of the results of the symposium was that only 30% of women respond to cancer early detection calls, and the reason was they fear to face the idea of being diagnosed with breast cancer.”




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