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Scientific lectures on breast cancer awareness in SGH

SGH is to host “World Science Day” for breast cancer by the attendance of elite doctors specialized in tumors and diagnostic radiology in Egypt. The lectures aim to fight breast cancer diseases and to raise awareness of breast cancer for Egyptian women. The radiology team at SGH group emphasizes on the importance of periodic medical examination either by MRI or by self-examination for the early detection of the disease and it’s suitable treatment before the spread of the disease in the body, where the percentage of 25 to 30% of breast tumors can be discovered by the patient.

For the first time in the region, SGH has launched breast cancer scientific day to reveal the most advanced technology and equipment used in early detection stages of breast cancer in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Hablas , the CEO of SGH and Dr. Maha Helal, the diagnoses professor in the cancer institute and Dr. Naglaa Abd El Raziq, the professor in Kasr El Aini hospital and head of national program for women’s health.


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