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Saudi German Hospital organizes an educational seminar

Under the slogan “My life is better without diabetes”, the Saudi German Hospital Cairo organized the World Diabetes Day event, as a part of the hospital social activities to raise awareness about diabetes consequences and how to avoid it.Both Dr. Mohamed Hablas, General Manager of Saudi German Hospital in Cairo and Dr. Magdi Bassiouni, the Medical Manager of the hospital attended the opening ceremony.

“Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases, especially after the rise in the number of diabetics that reached 8 million this year, according to the latest statistics issued by the international diabetes federation, listing Egypt the 8th in the world rank.” Dr. Mohamed Hablas stated

Dr. Hablas expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Health for its provision of preventive programs to spread health awareness of chronic diseases such as diabetes, in addition to the campaigns and community outreach, as well as the provision of early detection programs, taking care to provide advanced therapeutic services in health centers.

Dr. Magdy Bassiouni, the medical manager, general and obesity surgery consultant, pointed out that surgeries are considered among the most critical issues that face diabetics. The patient needs special care before and after surgery. The doctor may change the treatment plan to control the blood sugar level; and sometimes postpones the surgery, which may result in complications of the patient, so there are required precautions before operating on diabetic, which aim at controlling the blood sugar level, this should happen few weeks before the surgery. And after the surgery, the patient is preferable to remain in the hospital for a specific period of time until he is fully recovered.

Gynecology and obstetrics department in Saudi-German Hospital, presented how to deal with gestational diabetes. And pointed out that two out of every five women are diabetics in childbearing age, which is equivalent to more than 60 million women in the world, and that women with type 2 diabetes are subject to cardio diseases, while women with type 1 are subject to miscarriage or having deformed children.

In addition, one out of seven birth delivery cases is subject to gestational diabetes. Globally, diabetes is one of the major causes of women death; About 2.1 million death cases yearly were estimated according to statistics.

The closing ceremony concluded by some activities such as medical tests, In-body tests, blood tests, eye examinations followed by promotions for healthy nutrition, along with symbolic gifts for those who participated in the event.