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Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight Loss Surgeries in Egypt Weight loss surgeries are simply medical procedures that would assist patients who suffer from obesity to lose some extra weight. This is in addition to the reduction of the percentage of the occurrence of plenty of health problems especially diabetes and severe hypertension....

Wheat Allergy

Wheat allergy is a type of the reactions of the body against kinds of food that contains wheat. It is astonishing to know that wheat is among the most types prevalent kinds of food that cause allergy all over the world....

Cardiology and Cardiac Conditions Types

Cardiology is simply the science that studies the heart of a human, its functions, and how to enable the heart to operate perfectly. The word cardiology is a blend of two Greek terms, the same as many other types of medicine. The first is the word Cardia or heart, and the second is Logia, which means science. Cardiology is concerned with both the diagnosis and treatment of any defects that...


Dermatology factually is related to many fields including the research, diagnosis, treatment, and management of any conditions related to anything associated with the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, which acts as a barrier to protect the internal organs from injury and bacteria. ...