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Mayo Clinic1

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Obesity, causes, complications, and treatment

Obesity is a medical status in which excess and harmful fats in the body increase causing negative impacts. This conditions may result in several health problems. There are several common methods in identifying obesity, including that a person would look fat. However, the most accurate medical approach is the calculation of the body mass index, generally known as BMI. It is calculated by dividing the weight of the patient in kilograms...

Regular Medical Check

A new term was introduced during the last few decades. It is the preventive health or preventive medicine. This is to prevent the disease from occurring rather than being infected or diseased and then search for the cure....

Stomach Sensitivity

The stomach is located at the upper part of the abdomen, linking the esophagus to intestines. The main function of the stomach is to receive the food consumed by a person and transform it into a more liquid substance. This is carried out when the gastric walls of the stomach press the food and begin the digestion process....

Summer Allergies, Types, Causes, and Treatments

Summer allergy is simply considered an unusual reaction of the human body towards normal substances that cause no harm to other people. Summer allergies occur when the immune system of the patient responds to certain materials or substances that are present in the surrounding circumferences during the summer season....

The Merits of Medical Tourism in Egypt

Medical tourism, in its simplest form, is the process of traveling abroad to receive any type of various medical treatments. In the past, medical tourism was limited to patients traveling from underdeveloped countries, mainly in Africa and Asia, to more advanced nations. The lack of some certain equipment or experiences encouraged patients to travel across borders to obtain better medical services....