Saudi German Hospitals Group is considered the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).


Josef Teto street Nozha, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


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More than 135,000 patients received care

 The Saudi German Hospital in Cairo announced that more than 135,000 patients received care who were referred to outpatient clinics and emergency departments at the Saudi-German Hospital Cairo in 2017.

In a related context, Dr. Mohamed Hablas – Executive Director of the Saudi-German Hospital Cairo said that 805 employees were trained between a doctor, a pharmacist

, a nurse and an administrator on global methods and standards to provide quality service and raise the performance of medical, pointing out that some statistics were presented for the most frequent nationalities on the Hospital in the past year 2017 both in the emergency departments and the internal and external clinics.

The Saudi German Hospital in Cairo received approximately 6,000 people from 100 different nationalities who wish to benefit from its medical services over the past 12 months. This indicates that hospitals and therapeutic centers can contribute to the promotion of tourism and highlight this important type of tourism.

The statistics of the Saudi-German Cairo revealed that the most frequent Arab nationalities to the hospital in the last period were from Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan and Iraq, in which the holders of Nigerian nationality topped the most reluctant African nationalities to the hospital. Where the most of Europeans were from Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, America and Canada on the American continent, while China and South Korea topped the most Asian countries.