Saudi German Hospitals Group is considered the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).


Josef Teto street Nozha, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


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Our Message

Mr. Makarem Batterjee

Mr Makarem Batterjee President Saudi German Hospitals Group - Copy

President SGH Group

At Saudi German Health ,we understand that healthcare is fistly about people .

That’s why we combine global medical expertise with heartfelt compassion and an environment that feels like home.

We treat every patient like family so that they are restored in body , mind and soul,  enhancing the health and well being of humanity



Chairman SGH Group

With the blessing of Allah and the trust of our customers, we have been able to establish ourselves as the most reputed private hospital in the region within a short period of time. Our strategy was to focus on sub-specialties. Our vision and activities go beyond providing reliable quality medical care to patients who come to us. As corporate citizens, we believe that we have social responsibility towards the community welfare programs. In SGH, we believe that continuous education is everybody’s responsibility. We are continuously improving our services to exceed the needs and expectations of our patients.

Dr. Khaled Batterjee


Vice President SGH Group

Saudi German Hospitals Group is a medical complex; the idea was conceived right from the start to provide special services to the patients with particular consideration to orthopedics and traumatology in respect of those patients who are in KSA, the Gulf and the areas covering the Middle East and Islamic countries. With the introduction of this concept, patients in these areas will not need to go abroad for professional consultations and treatments. This will then become the most economical treatment in the Gulf region where patients will benefit from reducing their expenses and save time while receiving the most advanced treatment in their own land without language barriers.

Dr. Mohamed Hablas


Chief Executive Officer Cairo

Stemming from our deep belief that every minute counts and that all patients deserve a premium health “Care”, at SGH-Cairo we introduce a new concept for medical treatment and care in the Egyptian community. Backed by the renowned Egyptian expertise and International best practices in the medical field, we are aiming at delivering a new health care paradigm to our beloved country and the whole MENA region. Through our multi-health divisions, fully-automated system, professional calibers and World-class infrastructure.“Proficiency, dedication and caring with the maximum degrees of human dignity are the core elements that drive our actions at SGH-Cairo.”