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On the world diabetes day, Saudi-German Hospital in Cairo is holding an awareness seminar – 14 July 2016

SGH- Cairo held an awareness seminar on the finest nutrition for dealing with the disease, in addition to losing weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The event is considered as major part in Saudi -German hospital CSR strategy which includes a series of awareness seminars, tackling various medical topics targeting all Egyptians, that resulted in some inquiries around dealing with the disease, the best nutrition and calculating the calories.

Also, SGH-Cairo specialized nutritionist assured that the energy the human body needs for a healthy life generally comes from food, but we must pay much attention to the food types from which we derive energy more than the amount of food we eat, moreover, ensuring that the amount of food entering the body is transformed into energy, adding that the formula to calculate the needed calories for a healthy body is for men: Body weight (Kg) x 24.2, and for women: Body weight (Kg) x 22.

She claimed that” The healthy food pyramid consists of vegetables, fruits, fats, dairy products, carbohydrates and proteins, but the individual should not overuse the components of the food pyramid, as there are types of fruits containing a large amount of calories, which may lead to high blood glucose levels such as grapes, and figs, same applies to vegetables such as taro and peas, as they lead to increase body weight.

She added that ” there is a misconception about drinking water during eating claiming that it is harmful and causes weight gain, but on the contrary, it is possible to drink regular amount of water while eating as the stomach produces acid to digest food, but excessive amount of water reduces the concentration of the acid, leading to the delay of the food digestion, as for soft drinks, they interact with digestive acids, weakening the digestive system as well as causing osteoporosis.

She highlighted that human body needs to get 3 different of vegetables and fruits, for example red fruit strengthens the heart muscle, not in the form of juice, so that diabetics are not exposed to the negative effects of the increase in calories

The seminar ended up with providing the attendees with some important information regarding the healthy tips for the diabetics such as preferring green bananas to the black and yellow ones, and that eggs do not significantly affect blood cholesterol but it’s not recommended to eat large amount of eggs, due to containing fats.


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