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Ischemic stroke treatment in 90 minutes – 14 June 2016

The Saudi-German hospital-Cairo radiology department announced that they just started using intravenous catheterization in treating ischemic stroke by thrombosis removal, without surgery within a short period of time that doesn’t exceed 90 minutes reducing the potential risks that may occur such as hemiplegia or death.

In addition to treating the cerebral aneurysm without any surgeries that may result cerebral hemorrhage.

These treatments have shown high curative records, due to using the intravenous catheterization in transplanting endovascular coiling to avoid the surgical intervention risks.

Dr. Mohamed Hablas, the Executive Director of the Saudi-German Hospital, said: “specialized doctors are always available, besides that the hospital is adopting new perceptions concerning the emergencies.”

SGH’s new branch in Cairo is considered as beginning towards establishing new branches in several Egyptian governorates in the upcoming years.


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