Saudi German Hospitals Group is considered the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).


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Pediatric & Neonatology

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Pediatric and Neonatology

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for children’s healthcare in the region.

Our Mission

Our multidisciplinary team, of doctors, nurse therapist,s and other allied healthcare professionals are focused on the personalized needs of children with an emphasis on quality, education, outcomes, and customer service that are based on evidence.


  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Compassion

Scope of services:


  1. Clinic:

Run by a competent considerate and subspecialized consultant.

pediatric gastroenterology clinic where it cares for children with different G.I. and liver problems such as hepatitis jaundice, congenital liver disease, autoimmune liver disease, and liver transplantation in children, it also manages different GI disorders like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, food allergy, FMF

Pediatric endocrinology clinic that cares for children with different endocrinologic diseases such as growth abnormalities short stature, adolescent medicine, puberty disorders, thyroid diseases, adrenal disorders is it

Clinic of Hematology and oncology diseases in children that care for different types of tumors benign and malignant in children and different hematological disorders such as anemias hemophilia, Platelets disorders, Bone marrow transplantation in pediatrics

Breast-feeding and children’s nutrition clinic that teaches moms breastfeeding skills and how to manage different disorders that affect breastfeeding. Also, the clinic manages children with obesity, overweight and slim children.

  1. Pediatric ICU:

A 6 Bed facility equipped cutting–edge advanced machines ready to care for the different pediatric critical cases like status asthmatics, status epilepticus respiratory failure due to different causes, diabetic ketoacidosis, severe infection, different type of shock, and children involved in road traffic accidents.

  1. Neonatal Units:

Accept and deal with normal term babies as well as preterm babies 800gms or above 27 weeks or older.

  1. Pediatric Inpatient Services:

If the child needs to stay in the hospital for diseases like acute gastroenteritis with dehydration bronchial asthma, bronchiolitis, etc. he will receive the utmost care possible from an expert registrar and consultant.

  1. Pediatric case in the emergency Department:

As kids are not just small adults, we believe that in any acute pediatrics case steps in the emergency room, he or she should be seen by specialized pediatrics to give the maximum care and best management plan children needs.