Saudi German Hospitals Group is considered the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).


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SGH Laboratory

Saudi German Hospital operates a full service laboratory, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clinical Laboratory / Clinical Chemistry / Immunology / Serology

The Division of Clinical Chemistry provides a full range of biochemical analytic services for Saudi German Hospital- Cairo
The division offers clinical support through therapeutic drug monitoring, hormone and tumor marker assays, serology testing, and assays of immunology and nutrition and lipid analysis.

Hematology Coagulation

The Saudi-German Hospital Cairo laboratory is equipped with state-of-art technology.
The hematology department runs a scale of various laboratory tests using top quality monitored automated hematology analyzers.
Coagulation tests are carried out with utmost reliability on a fully automated coagulation analyses.
Unique , Predictive , test for detection of thrombosis for early management.
These machines are operated by well-trained, well-experienced and qualified laboratory technologists.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance along with patient care are the focal points of the hematology department. Each major laboratory test is assessed with a back-up automated machine and/or improved manual procedure. Tests are validated, documented, and reviewed by the Head of the Laboratory.

The Saudi-German Hospital Cairo Laboratory is a CAP-oriented tertiary hospital-based laboratory.

  • Clinical Chemistry

    • Provides a full range of /automated biochemical analytical services for Saudi-German Hospital – Cairo all chemistry Profile.
    • Cardiac profile not only to diagnose but also to predict myocardial infarction and unstable angina.
    • Specific Lipid investigations to detect risk for atherosclerosis lesions.
    • The most updated test for diagnosis & prognosis of sepsis.
  • Immunology , Serology

    • Most updated lab test for early detection of tumor as well as for diagnosis & follow up with the patients continuous connections monitoring of patient status.
    • Also early diagnosis of autoimmune disease & attention of immune system, quick & early determination of the cause of allergic diseases then desensitization
    • Care of our patients is a natural trend and make him feel good; his satisfaction is solely the most important target we aim to
  • Drug Monitoring Department

    • All drugs can be monitored to evaluate dosage Vs efficacy and side effect of the drug.
    • Detection of drug abuse & toxic drugs can make perfect screening of drug abuse in blood and urine among different people as prehiring or during work.
  • Hormones and Tumor markers Department

    • Quick and Perfect assessment and hormonal assays with the highest technological standards.
    • Profile of females and males infertility.
    • Profile for endocrinological disorder early diagnosis and follow up.
    • Tumor Markers Checkup above 40 years for early detection of malignancy diagnosis and prognosis after treatment.
  • Microbiology

    Our Microbiology Laboratory is a complete diagnostic lab that performs testing for a full range of human pathogens including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria; yeasts and molds; enteric parasites. Techniques used include cultures from a wide variety of specimens, special stains, direct antigen detection, serotyping and toxin assays.
    Rapid and accurate microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing are performed on isolated pathogens by the use of fully automated microbiology analyzers.

  • Transfusion Medicine

    At the Transfusion Medicine department of Saudi-German Hospital Cairo Laboratory an automated interpretation of the blood grouping, antibody screening, and cross matching ID-Card Reader is employed.

    Quality controls are carried out each day and monitored for result reliability and accuracy. Laboratory technologists performing the procedures in Transfusion Medicine are trained, knowledgeable and methodologically wise.

    Procedures and techniques are validated and verified for reliability. Patient safety and care are priorities of this department.

  • Prevention and Control of Infection

    We play a major role in infection control programs, epidemiology, control and prevention of healthcare associated infections and also perform surveillance cultures for the detection and monitoring of outbreak investigations.

    SGH-Cairo PCI Department is responsible for preventing and controlling the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections in patients who receive laboratory services.

  • Anatomic Pathology

    • Histopathology
    • Cytopathology

    Histopathology Services include

    Complete routine paraffin histology services, including processing and sectioning

    • Routine staining (H&E)
    • Special stains (including but not limited to) carbohydrates, connective tissue, fats, lipids, microorganisms, nuclear elements, pigments and silver techniques.
    • Immunohistochemical staining
    • Extra levels, recuts.
    • Tissue reprocessing.
    • Frozen section
    • Digital Microphotography.
    • Telepathology consultation.
    • Histopathology consultation.
    • Slide consultation/Second opinion.

    Timely Results

    Expect results within 1-3 days of our having received glass slides or paraffin blocks.

    Cytology Services include:

    • Diagnostic cytology for gynecologic specimens using both Thin Prep and sure Path techniques.
    • Diagnostic cytology of non-Gynecological specimens including sputum, bronchial aspirates and washings, bronchial brushings Nipple secretions and Urine cytology.
    • Routine Tzanc smears.
    • Special stains, including gram and Zeihl Nelson.
    • Digital Microphotography.
    • Telepathology consultation.
    • Slide consultation/second opinion.

    Timely Results

    The following turn-around may be expected:

    • Gynecological specimens: 1 week for LBC pap smears.
    • Non-gynecological specimens including FNAs: Will be reported within two working days.