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Cardiothoracic Surgery

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Cardiothoracic Surgery

The cardiothoracic department in Saudi German Hospital – Cairo offers the most comprehensive range of state-of-art diagnostic equipment and treatment tools for our patients. A multi-disciplinary approach is applied in our cardiothoracic surgery unit aiming to prevent the occurrence or progression of cardiovascular disease covering patients of all ages.

The cardiac surgery unit at SGH-Cairo is a specialized unit that offers a full program of surgical care to adults who have heart disease or abnormalities, such as angina or heart valve disease.

Our Thoracic surgery team supported by our chest medicine department perform a wide range of endoscopic and surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to treat Lung diseases including Lung cancer. Other range of surgeries include treating Pleural diseases, chest wall deformities, trachea and airway diseases among others.

A full range of cardiac surgical interventions, including coronary bypass, arrhythmia and valve operations are offered, with the exception of heart transplantation. Surgical intervention is also provided as emergency care to patients who suffer traumatic chest injuries.

Patients who are referred for surgery will meet members of the team before their operation and receive plenty of information and advice. Pre-admission clinics are regularly held for surgical patients, at which relatives are also welcome.

All patients will be given advice and support prior to discharge. The service regularly and routinely assesses outcomes internally to ensure performance is consistently good.

We are also offering minimal access/minimally invasive cardiac surgery (for valve disease, treating atrial septal defects in adult patients and some cardiac tumors).

We also fix diseases of the thoracic aorta – either with open surgery or through endovascular stenting (in conjunction with the vascular surgeons and radiologists).

Cardiac Surgery services:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG).• Valve Replacement with biological or mechanical valves• Valve repair.• Pacemaker Placement• Pediatric (above 14 years) cardiac Surgery• Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
  • Arrhythmia surgery with implantation of permanent pacemaker (one, two or three chamber), implantation of defibrillator or CRRT
  • Aortic Dissection Type A surgery.
  • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery
  • Resection of cardiac tumors.

Thoracic Surgery services:

  • Lung resections either through open or endoscopic surgery.• All types of biopsies from the lung, pleura or Thoracic lymph nodes.• Airway surgery including Tracheal resection anastomosis.• Correction of Chest wall deformity.• Repair of Thoracic injuries following trauma
  • Endoscopic removal of Foreign Bodies from the airway
  • Diagnosing and treating lung cancer.
  • Treating wide range of Pleural diseases including Pneumothorax and pleural effusion.

In addition to experienced cardiothoracic surgeons and anesthesiologists at Saudi German Hospital in Cairo (SGH), you will be well cared by a collaborative team of cardiac perfusionist, nurses, physician assistants, physiotherapists and social workers.