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Blood Tests

What are Blood Tests?
The Extraction of Blood
Types of Blood Tests


What are Blood Tests?
Blood tests are among the most credible approaches doctors use to determine the presence of a certain medical condition. Carried out in a laboratory, a special analysis would be implemented on a blood sample taken from a vein of the patient.

Blood tests play a major role in determining the biochemical and physiological state of the body of a given patient. They play a siginificant role in discovering any illness or disease a person might have. These tests also give a notable indicator of the presence of certain substances in the blood, minerals, the reactions of the body towatds certain medications, and many other health factors.
Blood analysis works perfectly in classifying if the general health conditions of a patient, discover if he suffers of any sorts of infections, and show if his organs are functioning rightly, including the liver and kidneys. They are quite commonly recommended by doctors to understand simply how the body of the patient operates.
Blood plays a key role in the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body and get rid of waste materials. This is why the state of blood has a huge impact on the overall health of a person.

The Extraction of Blood
In most cases, a nurse or a specialist would extract blood cells and plasma from the body of the patient. The veins of the arms are usually where the blood is extracted. Being easily uncovered, the elbow or wrist are the most common places where blood is extracted. This is because the veins are closer to the surface than any other places in the body.
Before carrying out the blood extraction, the nurse would position a girdle around the army tightly in order to slow down the movement of the blood to facilitate the process of the blood sample extraction.
The actual extraction of blood is done by a needle which is inserted inside the vein and which is linked to a specified plastic piece which would carry the blood afterwards. This simple operation slightly hurts and usually doesn’t require more than a minute to be completed.

Types of Blood Tests
There are actually a large number of blood tests that are commonly carried out around the world to determine many health conditions of patients. We would be highlighting some of the most communal types of blood tests which include: –

Complete Blood Count
This is one of the blood tests usually doctors recommend in the cases of a large number of patients. It is also implemented as part of the periodical check-ups all individuals should do on regular basis.
The complete blood count or CBC assists in identifying a large number of medical conditions including clotting disorders, problems with immunity, anemia, or even cancer.

White Blood Cells
Another important blood test examines the count and the conditions of the white blood cells in the body of the patient. White blood cells represent an integral part of the immunity of the body. This is why having an irregular levels or numbers of white blood cells is a clear sign that the patient suffers from an illness or a medical disorder.

Red Blood Cells
The most important function of red blood cells is to transfer oxygen all over the body. Any problems with red blood cells may indicate that the patient suffers from many several disorders including dehydration and anemia.

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