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African International Conference on Emergency Medicine

Saudi German Hospital in Cairo hosted the “African International Conference on Emergency Medicine” for the Anglophone and Francophone African Countries. With the participation of a large number of international and governmental organizations and in cooperation with the Egyptian association of Community Medicine, the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the African Union for Emergency Medicine, and the Paris-based International Rescue and Emergency Care Association in Francophones.

The first day of the 3 day conference presented and discussed several research papers prepared by a number of experts in the field of Emergency Medicine from inside and outside the country,including the ambulance and emergency of injury prevention systems and the mechanism of dealing with cases of acute blood clotting and poisoning.

In addition to other topics which aimed at raising the awareness about the emergency cases and critical cases that were received by the hospitals through knowing how to classify them, the right mechanism of inspection and the way of caring.

Dr. Mohamed Hablas, the Chief Executive Officer of SGH Cairo, expressed his delight with the convening of this important conference in Egypt through SGH due to the participation of local and international expertise. Confirming the keenness of the hospital to adopt new ideas and techniques and attract them from around the world for developing the medical service to reach the highest level of modernity and application. He has also emphasized on the importance of continuing such important meetings through conducting medical conferences and training workshops for cadres of emergency medicine departments. in order to exchange experiences and put their recommendations into practice and implementation. Moreover, he expressed his gratitude for the Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Ambulance for their active participation in the conference through presenting the leading case studies in addition to exchanging experiences with participants from African countries.

Dr. Sherif Al-Fayoumi, head of the emergency department at the Saudi German Hospital, stated that the importance of international participation in such medical conferences is very beneficial to the medical staff in which it enhances their medical skills and experience.

“This conference presented new and beneficial approaches in the Emergency medicine field. This was done through showcasing new methods on how to deal with patients, how to diagnose and treat diseases, how to deal with catastrophic cases, and illustrating new devices and tools that help save people in critical situations.” Dr. Sherif Al-Fayoumi added.

The 4th International African Conference on Emergency Medicine comes in the framework of believing in the need for cooperation between the competent authorities in the health care field and the development of emergency medicine in Egypt and Africa. Furthermore, the conference was held in the presence of a group of emergency doctors and critical health care in Egypt & Africa, representatives of the African Union, a number of representatives of the African Affairs Committee of the Egyptian Parliament and its guests from African Ambassadors, Ministers and Trade Commissioners in Egypt, along with the active participation of the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

It is worth mentioning that The Saudi German Hospital is one of the most important projects of the Batterjee Medical Foundation, which was founded by Eng. Sobhi Batterjee, the Group’s President, and Dr. Khalid A. Batterjee, Vice President of the Group, where the Batterjee family established the Saudi- German Group in 1988 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The hospital was the cornerstone of the Group’s launch in the next few years to become one of the leading and largest hospitals in the Arab region. The Group has signed several important agreements with major medical universities and specialized centers in Germany to continuously convey new developments and technologies through the regularly visiting professors.


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