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What is Aesthetic Dentistry?
History of Cosmetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry in Modern Times
The Two Major Types of Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures
Aesthetic Dentistry in EgyptWhat is Aesthetic Dentistry?
Aesthetic dentistry means any procedure a dentist preforms to enhance the looks of teeth, molars, and tusks. Aesthetic dentistry focuses mainly on points other than functionality. The missions of the cosmetic dentists include modifying the color, place, size, form, and placement of the teeth to enhance the smile of the patient.History of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentists in the past were more focused on making their patients’ teeth healthier and more powerful. They never cared if their patients had a more attractive smile or how would their teeth look like. However, there are some examples when physicians throughout history carried out several procedures to make the teeth of people look more beautiful.
The physicians of the Etruscan civilization, which flourished more than 2500 years ago in Italy, used to replace broken or ugly teeth with unusual substances including ivory and bones.
The Pharaohs, as the same in many other sciences, played a role in the development of cosmetic dentistry. They used gold to create crowns and dental bridges. Ancient Egyptians used various materials like seashells to repair broken teeth. They even created some sorts of toothpastes from substances like vinegar and pebbles.
In Medieval Times, dentistry became part of the barbers’ practices including teeth whitening using several strange methods that sometimes destroyed the tooth.
At the same time in Europe, physicians began reusing some ancient practices to make patients’ teeth look better. Once again, they started making use of materials like bones and ivory in dentistry. This is in addition to the usage of the teeth of the dead to repair their patients’ teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry has witnessed a considerable leap during the 18th century. This was due to the usage of porcelain in dentistry practices.  Porcelain teeth became famous at that period, especially with the usage of molds and plaster to rightly position them in the best way.
With the beginning of the 20th century, there was a new great development in cosmetic dentistry. When porcelain teeth became expensive, specialists began using other cheaper yet practical materials including plastic and acrylic, which dentists still utilize until today.Aesthetic Dentistry in Modern Times
Aesthetic dentists had to overcome two major problems in modern times. The first was that the practices of cosmetic dentistry were extremely agonizing. The second was that tools and equipment didn’t work perfectly.
In the 20th century, dentists found solutions for these two challenges. The development of anesthesia and various tools of aesthetic dentistry certainly paid off. There was an evolution in teeth whitening, implants, veneers, and fillings. The development in cosmetic dentistry is still witnessing progress every year with the invention of new tools and methods.

The Two Major Types of Aesthetic Dentistry
Prosthetic Dentistry
The practices of prosthetic dentistry focuses mainly on prostheses’ teeth. The specializations of prosthetic dentistry consist of many aspects of functions including oral comfort, semblance, and health.
Prosthetic dentistry deals with the absence of a tooth or an incomplete one using various methods and medical approaches. The mission of the prosthetic dentist also include dealing with the tissues surrounding the teeth with artificial medications.

This type of cosmetic dentistry deals with the tooth that is out of its normal position or place inside the jaw. Orthodontia has become quite popular at the end of the 20th century. This was after the invention of many tools and equipment specialized in the diagnosis and the treatment of the tooth that is in the wrong position and repositioning it in the right place. This could be carried out for cosmetic or health reasons.

Major Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures
The objective of all aesthetic dentistry is to enhance how the tooth and overall look of the mouth and the smile of the patients appear.  Despite the fact that most of these procedures are not vital and might not affect the health of patients, several aesthetic dentistry measures have great benefits that are sustained through the proper treatments and follow-ups.

Inlays and Onlays
This type of aesthetic dentistry is sometimes called indirect filling of the tooth that requires treatment. This procedure simply fills in the missing places inside a tooth that is broken or damaged. The fillings are commonly made out of strong porcelain. Of course, dentists carry out inlays or onlays procedures in their clinics.
The fillings are made in specialized laboratories to fit the needs of each patient. This procedure is the most important alternative of crowns and also much cheaper. Inlays are when the porcelain is linked to the center of the teeth, while onlays are when the porcelain is covers a much larger space of the top of the teeth.

Bleaching is the usage of some special chemicals to whiten the tooth. It is a popular approach to have a healthier and a brighter smile. Many reasons cause the change in the color of teeth. Smoking and coffee are among the most common reasons. This is why a larger number of patients began carrying out bleaching and whitening procedures.
Dentists carry out bleaching for patients on regular basis to preserve the wonderful white color of their teeth. It takes less than an hour to get the teeth whiter and shinier after removing the stains teeth gain with years passing by. Bleaching or teeth whitening are considered to be among the cheapest and simplest forms of cosmetic dentistry carried out all over the world now.

Dental Veneers
The procedures of dental veneers are used to correct the looks of misshaped or fragmented teeth. They can also solve the problems of teeth that have uneven spaces in between or a stained tooth. This is simply done by carefully positioning very small pieces of plastic or thin porcelain to alter the tint or the looks of the teeth. Dental veneers always present another option rather than crowns that are considered quite expensive compared to other procedures of cosmetic dentistry.
Dentists intelligently measure the amount of veneers the patient requires before they position these small pieces of plastic and porcelain on their teeth. Several dentists prefer veneers as they last much longer than bonding, and they are also cheaper than crowns.

Repair of enamel defects

Dentists use bonding as a way to solve the problems of stained or oddly shaped teeth by filling them with a material that looks exactly like the color of a normal tooth. Bonding is used to cover the damaged places in a tooth and to make it appear healthier. It is considered one of the less expensive aesthetic dentistry procedures, and is also quite practical since it requires only a single visit to the dentist to be fully completed.

Dental Crowns
Dentists use crowns to cover the top of a tooth when other atheistic dentistry procedures would not fit the conditions of the patient. Although crowns are among the most expensive dental procedures, they last much longer than other methods.
Some doctors assert that crowns are commonly even stronger than normal teeth and they preserve the size, shape, and strength of all the teeth. However, the procedure requires patients to visit the dentist at least twice. The first time to take the exact measure and color of the crown to get it produced. During the second visit, the dentist positions the crown using special dental glue in its right place inside the mouth.

Implanting a tooth is usually the last procedure dentists resort to when the tooth is completely decayed. They position a tiny screw into the mouth of the patient in order to provide support to the crown to be placed over it. Made out of titanium, once it is inserted inside the mouth of the patient, they serve as if they are a broken tooth and the dentist positions the crown over them.

Dental Bridges
Dentists use bridges to substitute a missing tooth or a number of teeth. This is one of the common dental procedures to get a neat looking mouth and smile. However, all the area, even the teeth between the spaces to be covered with a dental bridge, has to be properly prepared.
Dental bridges would usually cover the space that was previously occupied by one to three teeth. Functioning for around 10 years, dental bridges are one of the most long lasting dental procedures, together with crowns.

Aesthetic Dentistry in Egypt
Egypt hosts some of the best aesthetic dentists in the region. Several dental offices and medical centers in Egypt offer the best cosmetic dental services following the highest international standards of quality and accuracy provided in various medical centers located in Europe and the US.

During the past 10 years, many patients from the Gulf, and other regions around the world, began opting Egypt to carry out different dental procedures. This is because Egypt offers the best dental services offered by the finest highly trained and long experienced dentists with the lowest and most convenient prices of all services. Several dentists offer the best bleaching, whitening, dental veneers, bridges, crowns, and many other convenient services in Egypt.

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